Churchill Scholarship: Science, Mathematics, Engineering

Study after Cambridge

Churchill Scholars are very often accepted to the graduate schools and medical schools of their choice before they spend a year in Cambridge and are allowed to defer their acceptance to the following year. (A few graduate schools require deferred students to reapply with the understanding of guaranteed readmission, largely in order to calculate scholarship support properly.)

Some Scholars, however, choose to apply to graduate school or to medical school while they are in Cambridge, a process which usually entails at least one return trip to the United States for interviews.

Most Churchill Scholars have applied for graduate fellowships like the Department of Energy, Hertz, the National Science Foundation, the National Defense Science and Engineering Grant while they are seniors in college, while some apply during their year in Cambridge.

Here are many of the graduate and professional schools at which Churchill Scholars have done or are doing their PhD’s, MD’s, or MD-PhD’s.

Brandeis University: Neuroscience

California Institute of Technology: Astronomy and Astrophysics; Biology; Chemical Engineering; Chemistry; Mathematics; Physics

Carnegie Mellon University: Civil and Environmental Engineering; Computer Science; Robotics

Columbia University: Chemical Physics; Geological Sciences

Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons: MD-PhD

Cornell University: Chemistry; Mechanical Engineering; Physics

Weill Cornell Medical College: MD-PhD

Duke University: Biology; Computer Science; Zoology

Duke University Medical School: MD and MD-PhD (Neuroscience)

Harvard University: Appplied Mathematics; Astronomy and Astrophysics; Biological Chemistry; Chemical Physics; Genetics; Mathematics; Molecular and Cellular Biology; Neurobiology; Physics; Systems Biology

Harvard Medical School: MD and MD-PhD

Harvard/MIT: Health Science and Technology Program

Johns Hopkins University: Chemistry and Biology Interface Program

Johns Hopkins Medical School: MD and MD-PhD (Bio-organic Chemistry, Neuroscience)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Applied Mathematics; Biology; Chemical Engineering; Chemical Oceanography (joint program with Woods Hole); Computer Science; Geology, Geochemistry, and Geoppysis; Materials Science; Mathematics; Mechanical Engineering; Operations Research; Physical Chemistry; Physics

NIH/Cambridge Scholars Program: Chemistry; Clinical Biochemistry; Neuroscience; Virology

New York University: Mathematics

Northwestern University: Electrical Engineering; Materials Science

Pennsylvania State University: Geosciences

Princeton University: Applied Physics; Chemical Engineering; Mathematics; Physics; Public Affairs (Woodrow Wilson School)

Rockefeller University: Biology

Stanford University: Aeronautical Engineering; Biological Sciences; Biochemistry; Biophysics; Chemical and Systems Biology; Chemical Engineering; Chemistry; Computer Science; Electrical Engineering; Genetics; Geophysics; Industrial Engineering; Mathematics; Mechanical Engineering; Psychology

Stanford University Medical School: MD-PhD (Neuroscience, Oncology)

The Tri-Institutional Program of Cornell University, Rockefeller University, and the Sloan-Kettering Institute

University of California/Berkeley: Biochemistry; Cellular and Molecular Biology; Chemical Engineering; Chemistry; Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Energy Resource Group; Environmentla Engineering; Logic; Mathematics; Mechanical Engineering; Physics

University of California/Los Angeles: Mathematics

University of California/San Francisco: PhD in the Tetrad Program; MD-PhD

University of California/Santa Cruz: Ecology and Environmental Biology

University of Cambridge: Biochemistry; Chemistry; Clinical Neuroscience; Computer Speech, Text, and Internet Technology; Engineering; Genetics; Mathematics; Molecular Biology; Zoology

University of Chicago: Biological Anthropology; Mathematics; Physics; Statistics

University of Colorado/Boulder: Computer Science; Physical Chemistry

University of Florida Medical School

University of Manchester: Biology

University Michigan/Ann Arbor: Botany; Mathematics

University Michigan Medical School: MD-PhD

University of Pennsylvania Medical School

University of Pittsburgh: Cognitive Psychology

University of Washington: Biochemistry; Molecular Biology; Zoology

Washington University in St. Louis Medical School: MD and MD-PhD (Neuroscience)

Yale University: Geology; Mathematics; Physics